Tuesday, 18 June 2013

SOL.....obscured by sea mist..! Leviathans & NLC's.

Today's solar picture, much obscured by sea mist....  

It's a pity I couldn't capture more detail of old Sol today.....  this picture was the best of a very bad lot...  never mind there's always tomorrow....  :0)

Saturn has finally disappeared behind some rather large ash trees at the end of my neighbour's garden....  BUT in two days time those ash trees are being cut down... 

Maybe Saturn isn't lost to me just yet...  I'll find out Thursday evening...  :0)

Not much astro activity at the moment, these past few evenings have been spent spying the waxing moon and glimpsing the odd double star through my powerful 40mm refractor. 

It's such a small scope, but it's fascinating to see how much of the night sky it can reveal...  

Here's an afocal image of the moon a few nights ago.... taken with the tiny 40mm refractor.

Afocal image: 40mm "Leviathan" refractor.

Still no Noctilucent cloud sightings....  but plenty of time left for spotting them...  it helps that the street lights to the North of our property now switch off after midnight. 

The picture below was taken a couple of evenings ago, at about 11.30pm. You could easily be fooled into thinking it was 11.30 am !!!  

Thanks to the streetlight switch off, I now stand a better chance of seeing those beautiful ethereal NLC's

Clear Skies 

Mark....  :0)

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