Thursday, 26 February 2015

Meditative Little Zen Astronomy.

Early this evening the Moon was shining down on a cloud-free Pembrokeshire; perfect for testing my new homemade tripod. 

A few weeks ago, I found an EQ mount in the back of a shop in a small village near the town of Cardigan, which cost me £5, but alas the tripod legs were not included.... maybe that's asking a bit much for a fiver!!  :0)

For a few weeks  I simply used it as you see below.....

The above method works quite well, though my back thanked me whenever I placed the whole set up on our coffee table.

It was time to fabricate a tripod and I decided to keep the height of the tripod about the same as the coffee table.

Today I made that tripod..... just in time to catch this evening's gibbous Moon.

Little Zen

It may be a small tripod, but with a cushion and the lotus position the views are comfortable enough for many minutes of observing. Maybe next time I'll make myself a small stool to sit on. 

This setup would be perfect for the Zen practitioner....  sitting meditation and peeking at the Universe with a 60mm/f5 glass...  an excellent combination.!

Helen meditating on the Luna light

This little scope, (fingers crossed), will be out and about around the county next month for the solar eclipse on March the 20th... I must remember to bring a cushion!

Clear Meditative Skies

Mark & Helen

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Woodstock Jupiter Moon Mars & Venus

Nikon D3000 1/2sec f4.5 48mm 800ISO

Tonight's celestial dance revealed Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon.

I'm quickly getting the hang of our new digital SLR, all I need now is a decent mini tripod for those quick "grab em before the clouds do" astro shots!

Woodstock mast and Jupiter

Over in the east Jupiter was well above the tree line. 

The three red aircraft warning lights of Woodstock TV and Radio Mast  can be spotted in the distance through the gaps of the branches.

Clear Skies


Friday, 20 February 2015

Mars Venus and the Moon

Mars,Venus and Moon - 20/02/2015 -  Nikon D3000

Thanks to this evening's merry dance of Mars, Venus and the Moon, tonight's supper almost got burnt..!!!

Helen was the first to spot this beautiful celestial  display....  I quickly grabbed the camera and frantically searched for a tripod....  meanwhile, the evening meal was fast cooking on the stove, with neither of us attending to it.
Despite the frantic camera setup and the possibility of burnt food, we managed to capture the above image.

Mars Venus and Luna in the same field of view... PERFECT.... a good start to the evening.....  :0)

Plus the supper didn't burn.......

Clear Skies

Mark & Helen