Sunday, 17 April 2016

Warming by the fire...

Jupiter and the Moon 17/04/16

I was feeling the cold tonight, so I decided to light the fire and grab myself some dandelion coffee; Thanks Helen :-). Observing Luna would have to wait another night.

Though I didn't entirely abandon the Moon.!

Before packing away the telescope I captured a few images of beautiful gibbous Selene.


The above image is a bit blurred at the edges, this is due to the method of photo capture that I use.. namely afocal photography.

Best described with this photo:-

afocal photography

Afocal photography is a brilliant way of capturing astro images, all you have to do is simply place the camera lens over the eyepiece of the telescope. 

Though sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss. Tonight's lunar image was a bit miss around the lunar limb... Blame it on camera shake from cold hands!

As I was packing away the telescope ominous dark clouds to the west were gathering and slowly rolling in for the night....


Maybe sitting by the warming fire isn't such a bad idea.

Warm fingers crossed for more clear skies in the week ahead......


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Birdsong and the Moon

Tonight a blackbird was perched on Gilbert's roof singing a song for the Moon.


A perfect evening to train the Jason refractor onto the waxing crescent . 
The nearby blackbird gently sang and the troubles of the world melted away...