Friday, 27 July 2012

Lawn astronomy, the Summer Triangle & Where's my Teapot.!

The Summer Skies..  
Thanks to the recent warmer weather (at last!!) Wednesday evening was perfect for some Lawn Astronomy.

Out came a blanket and a good sized cushion to prop my head against.

I made myself comfortable by lying on the warm garden path, and with my 7x50 binoculars beside me I began my tour of the Summer Triangle, and it's surrounding companions.

I spent a while bino viewing Deneb, though I was soon mesmerised by the bright lights of the surrounding star fields, it was time to venture along that Milky expanse....

It is always wonderful to see the Milky Way, ethereal and ghostly, as it snakes its way towards our Galactic Centre.

Last night's view of our Galaxy was particularly magical,  I spent ages just simply drinking in the galactic photons. They renergised my astro batteries beautifully.

As part of my astro tour, I stopped off at Aquila, and was able to capture Altair and it's companions of Tarazed and Alshain in the same field of view of the 7x50's.

Delphinus had not long unsnagged itself from the big tree at the end of our garden. The ugly little dolphin made a lovely binocular image...

Now it was time to see Collinder 399 the Coathanger asterism.  This little asterism is always worth a good long look....

Next stop M57, or what I thought might be M57..!

I know the 7x50's are pushing it, but I thought I caught a glimpse of that most wonderful of planetary nebulae....  but really I think my brain was filling in the astro gaps...!!

Vega: the harp star

Off then to Vega, what a beautiful star, so bright so white.

So lovely hanging there at the zenith, like the bright light atop a Christmas tree..

It was great to be actually observing again. The apalling weather these past few months has really tested the patience of many an astronomer in the county.

Due to the ever growing trees, this is the extent of my Southerly viewing.

I can 't believe that July is nearly over, and that I still haven't seen the Teapot this year.

I really wanted to see the Teapot from our garden, but as you can see from the above picture, I have no chance...!!!  it's sadly lost somewhere in the neighbouring trees...

I'll just have to go astro-mobile one night soon and catch me that Teapot......

Maybe it's time to grab the tent and go for a nighttime walkabout up on the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire.....

Fingers crossed for more of this wonderful weather....


  1. What a grand time doing old school astro! Oh yes you did see M57! In CR150's 9x50 finder it is a cinch under good skies so I know your eagle eyes saw nebulous light!!!!

    "Delphinus had not long unsnagged itself from the big tree at the end of our garden." How can you keep a dolphin ensnared? You can not as it is always leaping out of the celestial ocean!

    "I really wanted to see the Teapot from our garden" I bet you did.....and how nice to have tea in your garden!

    "They renergised my astro batteries beautifully." That is a good observe time!!!!

    1. Hi SUG, old school for me every time... give me a planisphere and astro map any day :0)

      So it was M57 that I saw... I should have checked for M27 at the same time, but I got distracted by the Milky Way.. :0)

      "Delphinus leaping out of the celestial ocean" ... I like that :0)

      One day we will share a teapot...whilst looking up at the celestial teapot..... :0)

      After all the recent Pembrokeshire clouds, those batteries needed charging.....

      Catch you later Rich.... :0)