Saturday, 1 June 2013

Roll off Roof... fixed ...AT LAST..!!

Up until today, the majority of the Northern sky has been difficult to observe from my observatory, due to the roof being unable to retract fully.

Over the last couple of years I've mostly had my Tal1 scope pointing South. Very rarely would I venture Northwards past the zenith.

If ever I needed a clear view to the North I would usually drag the Tal1 out on to the lawn, or maybe take the lightweight roof off completely, but even though the roof was lightweight it was still cumbersome to handle.

Thankfully that problem has been solved, as can been seen in the above picture.

Now that I've fixed the roll off roof, I will have a much wider view of the night sky to observe.

First on the list will be Polaris...  It's been months since I last observed the secondary star of Polaris, I wonder what Tal2 will reveal.

Fingers crossed for some clear skies ... :0)



  1. Fantastic Mark! Yes and now just some clear skies for you. Have you tried for Panstarrs again. It's nice and high in ursa minor. I have to admit it is quite a step up from my snow fencing and burlap observing pod that was unfortunately destroyed a couple of weeks ago. I think my wife is happy about that !8^)
    Comet Chasing:

    Hi to Mrs. Pembs!

    Clear Dark Skies

    1. Thanks Mike :0)

      No I haven't tried Panstarrs again... thanks for the link... I'll check it out for viewing later tonight.

      I missed the news about the observing pod...... I'm glad you weren't observing at the time...!!!

      Tonight targets will be Polaris, maybe Panstarrs.... and definitely Lyra... I've been waiting for days to see the double stars of Lyra......!!!!

      Hello to Mrs Drive by Astronomy ( who thankfully is no longer a suspect in the observing pod incident.. :0)) !! )

      Clear Dark Skies in NY


  2. Nice Pembs! I like the antique finish to the images.......the shed is the place to be indeed! Mike is still reeling from the destruction of his pod.....not sure how long he will be down for the count.

    1. Thanks SUG,

      I bet Mike's missing the pod.... I'd be lost without my shed....

      I wonder if Pod Mk2 is on the drawing board...?