Thursday, 29 December 2011

George & Mildred and Windy Wet Wales..

This is a view I never get tired of, the Seven Sisters as seen from the comfort of a folding chair, viewed with a pair of 7X50 binoculars...

Unfortunately for me Santa forgot to drop of my 7X50's this year. :0(

But I do have two really nice sets of  field glasses and each of them  give a wonderful X3 magnification!!! 

I assume it's X3 magnification.... ...I may be wrong....

I even have names for them.....!!!!


Even if I had a pair of 7X50's I don't know when I would get a chance to use them. The weather in Pembrokeshire has been diabolical for weeks, even months.....

We have more than our fair share of cloud cover here in Pembrokeshire, as this small video shows....

On my next post I'm going to show the results of how many clear nights we've actually had since September.....

Clear Skies please for 2012



  1. Nice post Pemb's and I truly enjoy your whimsical ways! Thank you for introducing me to your observing buddies as they are certainly fine!

    I'm sure that one of the elves screwed up your Santa order......

  2. Blasted elves!!...I'll be writing a letter to Santa soon to sort it out :0)

    Hope you had a great Christmas SUG..