Thursday, 10 March 2016

Jupiter Majestic

Observing blank, blending stump and pencils at the ready.
“the camera could not replace the human eye”  

Jupiter is now well placed in the night sky, it's time to gather my pencils and observing blanks .

For the next few months I will be collecting as many Jovian sketches as I can.

The Schmidt telescope has been on form recently, so as long as the sky gods cooperate I shall have a fair collection of observational drawings by the end of this apparition.

These past few days I have been sifting through my 2011-2015 Jupiter drawings.

Each drawing brings back memories of standing at the telescope eyepiece, teasing out the faintest planetary detail, and looking for any colour and contrast variations.

With each sketch I am reminded of the varying yearly Pembrokeshire weather patterns. One day it would be T shirt weather, another I was dressed like an eskimo, frantically trying to warm my fingers to allow quick sketches.

One late night I almost stood on a hedgehog that was sitting outside the observatory door.!!

Thankfully my dark adapted eyes spotted him just before I put my foot down.

Various drawings to be collated

This majestic king of the planets is visually a beautiful sight through the eyepiece.

If you ever have a chance to telescopically view Jupiter  grab it..!

Jupiter & Galilean moons

From an early age I was fascinated by the early drawings of the planets, especially from the end of the 19th Century.

The artist and astronomer Etienne Leopold Trouvelot's  pastel drawing of the planet Jupiter, easily stands out as one of the best examples.

“The planet Jupiter. Observed November 1, 1880, at 9h. 30m. P.M.” E.L. Trouvelot, 1881–82.

What a beautiful Great Red Spot, look at those lovely cloud formations on the Equatorial Zone.. the detail is so wonderfully abstract. I love this drawing..!

Fingers crossed for some sketching weather

Clear Jupiter Skies


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