Monday, 15 July 2013

Flying across the Moon.

Tal2 had no chance of spying the Moon tonight..... once again hidden by my neighbour's trees...

Though from our back door I had a clear view of the Moon, albeit a brief one.

Due to the high trees and the low Moon I had maybe 20 minutes of possible observing time.

I decided to set up my tiny 40mm refractor.

Considering it only has an objective glass of 40mm aperture, it does show a fair bit of lunar detail.

From tonight's lunar log book I note.......along the terminator, and close by:

Flammarion, Herschel, Halley, Hind, Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, Arzachel, Purbach, Walter.

Flammarion wasn't that distinct , but Herschel was an inky black pit with it's west wall lit up like a thin waning crescent moon.

I then flew over to have a quick look at Hercules and Atlas.... Hercules exhibited a bright central region, but the 40mm aperture did not reveal much else, Atlas was outlined well.

On the southwestern border of Mare Serenitatis (Montes Haemus) I spotted Menelaus plus a little further clockwise along the Montes, the crater Sulpicius Gallus was visible.

At least I think it was Sulpicius Gallus.... the 40mm aperture was struggling a bit..... I'll have to verify that one another night with Tal2..

Then just before the Moon sank into my neighbour's trees I quickly flew westward for a last look along the terminator.....

Goodnight lovely Luna...see you tomorrow night ...  :0)

Clear Skies


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