Monday, 22 April 2013

First light for Tal2.

 First Light for the Tal2, what better target than tonight's lovely gibbous Moon..

The Tal2 is noticeably showing more detail at higher magnification.

Plus the motordrive keeps everything centred long enough for me to attempt some detailed sketching.

After trying to split Algieba it became apparent that I need to spend some time cleaning and realigning the primary mirror.  That will have to wait a few days...

For now I'm more than happy to capture the lunar light...


  1. Tal2! What a great find Pembs. Glad to hear the motor drive is working as well. Nice that you are getting some clear skies as well!!! I too did enjoy some great lunar views last night until some high cloud pulled into western NY. Looking forward to dueling Tal1 and Tal2 images. Loved the photo of Tal2 as well as your new header photo

    1. Hi Mike,

      I've been looking for a Tal2 for about two years, and then one turns up almost on my doorstep....! :0)

      Glad you had the lunar observe last night, we had misty skies all day, then as if on cue at about 10.00pm the clouds rolled away to the east and we had a beautiful night... Tal2 was trained on Saturn, the image was pretty good considering how dirty the primary mirror is....

      I'll have to take the mirror out for cleaning/re collimate in the next few days..

      Yes dueling Tals..... I'll have to make a blog post of comparisons... :0)

      The header photo was taken back in June 2006..... the last time we had a decent summer... !!!! :0))

      Thanks Mike....