Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Moon and Venus dancing....

It was cloudy all day today...... with the odd shower thrown in for good measure. 

According to the weather forecast website that I follow there was to be a break in the clouds around teatime.... 

They were thankfully right!!!  :0)

Like magic the clouds parted.... and as the days light faded I was greeted with the the Moon and Venus dancing above the trees at the end of our garden....  PERFECT !!  :0)

I was using our Nikon D50 camera with a 300mm lens set up on a tripod. 

For the above shots the camera was set up at 1/13 of a second ISO at f9.

Also I was able to capture a bit of the Da Vinci Glow (Earth Shine)... and you can also see from this photo a bit of glow from some passing clouds.

I noticed Jupiter was almost due South and I was wondering if the 300mm camera lens would be able to pick out any detail of the Jovian Moons...  

I aimed the camera and tried a two second exposure...   

This was the result........Jupiter's satellites are clearly visible... 

Wonderful celestial show tonight...

I would like to say a big Thank You to all the clouds for staying away  :0)


  1. Some people.....tea and celestial treats just in the nick of time!

    Some people.....:)

    1. Pembrokeshire Astronomer27 January 2012 at 08:40:00 GMT

      Hi SUG, I couldn't have time the weather better if I'd tried.. :0)

      I didn't have the cup of tea....but I did have the sandwiches whilst I was observing... :0))

      Pembs... :0)