Monday, 16 January 2012

Early start for Saturn.

Third Quarter Moon hiding in the Simpson Cross trees this morning.

I was early up this morning and quickly outside to the waiting clear skies.

Stumbled towards the observatory....opened the door..... removed the dust cover...... hooked up the EQ motor drive.... open the side shutters of the observatory......All done !!!

Now I was ready to try a quick image of Saturn using our Nikon D50 camera (with a X3 Barlow).

I was in luck... Saturn was just below the sliding roof line of the observatory so I didn't need to push the roof back, just open the one side south facing shutter and train the scope onto Saturn.

I was using 1600 ISO  and the exposure was about 1/15 of a second.

Clearly I was pushing my luck as the daylight was fast approaching, and I was balancing yet again on the observatory stool with my head twisted at all angles whilst one foot steadied me, and an elbow held part of me against the observatory wall......How I don't fall off the stool is beyond me......  :0)

After all the acrobatics I was able to capture this one shot ....... out of many taken I might add......!!!!!

Saturn: Please use a magnifying glass for a better look   :0)

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