Sunday, 24 April 2011

First light with my new solar filter..

Yesterday my solar filter sheet turned up.

It took ten minutes to fit it to my filter holder, and another five hours for the skies to clear sufficiently to allow me to test it.

Around about 5.30 p.m. the skies were perfect for observing with the Tal 1.

I well see why astronomers get hooked on observing the Sun, it was mesmerising as it hung there shimmering with life giving heat.

I've always been a night time astronomer, the sun always took second place to the moon and stars.

I think from now on, observing our nearest star is going to be high on my list.

First image with the new solar filter.

Helen and I went to our local bootsale in Haverfordwest
yesterday morning,
where I picked up for £1 this digital camera.

It has a 3.1Mp chip and a video mode that captures AVI's.

After setting up the Tal and solar filter, I managed to capture this image.

I've added a bit of colour with Paint shop Pro.

Also the video setting on the camera allowed for this AVI.

First impressions of my "Heath Robinson" solar filter are certainly encouraging.

I've got the bug for this white light filter. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend investing in a "Thousand Oaks" filter or suchlike.

And an added bonus....your'e not likely to suffer hypothermia whilst you observe...!!!  :0)

Here's hoping for more blue skies.....


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