Thursday, 7 June 2018

Double glazed Mars filters

June 4th 03h15m UT x125  Mak90 -  Diam: 15.8"
(via-Double glazing filters)

A few mornings ago I tried my hand at Mars observing... through one of our bedroom windows!

Not my first choice of observing methods, but I wanted to see how "bad" Mars could be, as viewed through a "double glazing" filter.

Setup of the 90mm Mak was easy and within a minute, via a 10mm eyepiece, I was sailing over Mars, looking at a wonderfully  massive south polar cap.

The dark band adjacent to the polar cap was easily seen.

Mars at the moment has to it a slight gibbous phase, which was easily picked out at x125.

It would have made more sense to go outside and view the red planet, but I was half asleep and didn't feel like dragging myself out into the garden. Something which I will remedy over the next month or so. 

By July I expect to be camped out on some distant hill in Pembrokeshire, unwilling to move until this Mars opposition is over!

June 4th 2018 03h15mUT

In conclusion I had a good peep at the South Polar Cap, which will be interesting to observe as it recedes in the now martian summer. 

Plus some dark banding was easily detectable on the edge of the entire polar region.  

Also the gibbous phase could easily be detected.

All in all not a bad result for viewing through a "double glazed" filter!  

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