Thursday, 11 August 2016

Perseids... No sleep tonight..!

"The ether never blazed with  futile  fires. " Manilius 

Tonight and early tomorrow morning the darkened skies will blaze with the fires of the Perseids. .. well I hope it will.

The forecast doesn't looks to promising,  but that has never stopped this optimistic astronomer from ever setting out the deckchairs.

This year's shower is apparently going to deliver more meteors than last year.. I can't wait.... !
Again.... the best time to observe will be from midnight tonight until early morning. Or in my case from midnight until I fall asleep in the deckchair....!

I hope wherever you are, that you have clear skies and the opportunity to catch some of those falling stars...

Note to self: remember to make chai tea this afternoon..

Clear Perseids skies



  1. Hope you got to see some of the wonder of the cosmos tonight. Here we had clear skies.

    Lying in the meadow in the early hours
    Watching the meteor showers!

    Love to you both!
    Ananadabodhi ~

  2. Beautiful Cosmos...ohh yes..we are all so lucky to be here on this amazing planet ... what a wonderful cosmic observation post our planet is....☺

    The Universe calls to us... especially when camped out under the stars��

    The sky here was clear last night... only managed to see a few meteors, too tired to stay awake for long..! But the few we saw were happy making....��

    I bet the shower was amazing under the American night sky...

    Aaaghh. . We didn't make the chai tea, but fully plan to make it for the next clear night... hopefully we will catch some sporadic perseids.

    Hope all is well with you..... Helen shouts HELLO.....

    Love to you

    Mark & Helen ��xx