Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Conversations with Selene.

Conversations with Selene
extracts from my poetry journal


 It is midnight and the culminating Moon looks down at me with inquisitive eyes.

I stare back and shout "Shwt mae, Hello, how are you tonight?"

The Moon whispered her reply ~
"You are such a tiny speck, a mere grain of cosmic sand in the ever present Galactic hour glass....
how is it that you are so small?"

"But Moon", I replied "I am a GIANT!... a COLOSSUS!.. YOU to ME are small..! 
why, I can even place your full Moon face upon my thumb, and flick it like a coin"

The Moon sulked....! 

I simply drank my chai tea, whilst overhead countless stars ebbed and flowed across the sea of the sparkling Milky Way.

Sometime later I awoke to the sight of a red faced Moon dropping slowly into the west. 

The darkened Moon smiled and whispered  "So long tiny speck of sand, see you later tonight, we will continue our talk then.."

"So long dear Moon" I shouted..... "I will be waiting"



  1. thanks for letting me eavesdrop on such a wonderful conversation. Lovely. Nice one.