Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Simply the Analogue Sun.

February Sunlight

Pencil and paper
Simply the Analogue Sun
I capture the day.

Today's big idea was to take a picture of the Sun with my digicam....NO CHANCE!!! 

The digicam refused to focus, then the battery died. 
After a quick recharge I tried again..... Still no luck!.... The camera again failed to focus...

After a bit of tutting and mumbling I thought stuff it. The "digital" gremlins had won the day......

I grabbed a HB pencil.

Pencil and Conte Crayon

I simply sketched the Sun, nothing complicated, just a quick outline of the features that I could see, namely the Active Region 2489.

The sketch only took a couple of minutes, nothing went out of focus, batteries didn't run out, and there was no tutting and cursing.

It was a lovely "analogue" solar observation.

Sometimes all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper.