Saturday, 13 February 2016

No Preseli Perseids in 2009 - Hello to HIYA.

Morning after the Preseli Perseids.... Blue skies and sunburn!!! 2009

It was one of the nights of the 2009 Perseids...Up on the Preseli Hills

Two camper vans, tea and cakes, plus guitars, harmonicas, and the company of several good friends, we waited for the night to unfold.

We were all hoping to see the Perseid shower at its maximum that evening, but the sky gods had different ideas, we ended up with total cloud cover for the entire evening!

No matter, we still had good company, lots of tea and cake and we spent several hours talking, laughing and playing guitars.

Everyone was fast asleep by 3.00am, I was awake peeping at Jupiter through a gap in the cloud, but no meteors. My mind then turned to the syllabic count of haiku poetry.

I couldn't get back to sleep, a haiku type seed was germinating.

Hello to HIYA.

That morning I had an idea for a form of poetry that might be of interest to poets, I called the form HIYA.

Firstly you make a chart as follows:

Then you choose any word you want to make your poem.
For example I will use the letters of my name:  MARK.

Look up each letter of your word on the above chart. My word MARK would read as follows:
M=4, A=1, R=9, K=2

Once you correspond a number to each of your letters, you then use this number as a syllable count for each line of your poem.

Poem for the Perseids
                                                            Syllable Count
Throughout the night                                  4        M
Clouds                                                      1         A
Rest upon the Preseli hill tops                     9         R
I sigh.                                                        2         K

Any word or combination of words can be used, plus the poem can be split up into any length verse you see fit. 

I find the HIYA format handy for crafting poems, plus it's a lot of fun to simply play about with the syllabic count of random words.  Have a go, see what you think.

Tea Party for the Perseids

We sit so patiently waiting
Surrounded by clouds
Time for tea
Time for cake
Time to talk with old friends.

Have a guess what my initial word was in the above poem. 

Looking towards the Preseli Mountains

Why call it HIYA?.... 
As a child there was a lady I once knew, who lived at the end of my grandmother's street.
Everytime she spotted me she would shout out "HIYA" at the top of her voice.
I would often be startled out of my daydreaming by this high pitched screech....

I think she would have smiled (probably shouted!) at my use of her phrasing - plus HIYA sounds a bit like HAIKU..!

That evening back in August of 2009 may not of revealed any meteors, but I'm glad it revealed the HIYA.

Clear Skies



  1. I love using this, and I'm so impressed and proud that you came up with the idea. I'm glad you are finally sharing it.
    Here's the first one I wrote that day, back in August 2009:

    the word I chose was my middle name.....LAWLESS:

    As I lie
    my favourite tree
    reading a
    book of poetry,

    Caru ti. xxxxxxxx