Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP)

June 4th 2006
Due to the cloudy skies of late I haven't been able observe the night skies. 

This gave me time to dig through some of my journals. I found an interesting entry from 2006 under the heading of TLP!

TLP stands for Transient Lunar Phenomenon, a term coined by the late, and much missed, Patrick Moore. 

For an introduction to TLP visit: Wikipedia - Transient Lunar Phenomenon

Red Flash (TLP) June 4th 2006 - 22h25m UT

If ever you see something strange whilst observing the lunar landscape, maybe a glow near a crater or a sudden flash of light, perhaps what appears to be mist on the crater floor, or a multitude of other unexplained sightings, this maybe a TLP. 

Many amateur astronomers totally dismiss the idea of TLPs, but who knows. 

All I can say is that on the night of June the 4th 2006 I was observing near the craters Janssen and Lockyer, and happened to witness a bright red flash from the crater Pitiscus.  

I have no idea what the flash was, it could have been lunar based, or maybe lunacy based and all made up in my head..  :0)

I like to think it was one of H.G. Wells' "Selenites" flashing a laser pen at me....! 

To find more about those Selenites click this link:  The First Men In The Moon

Clear Skies... soon PLEASE!!



  1. First men in the Moon... I remember that film in the cinema and I loved it. Very moving and a hard blow to the heart at the end when you see the remnants of a civilisation crumble into a heap just because someone was missing corrie.


  2. Hi Andrew ..... I have to watch this film at least once a year... Lionel Jeffries as Mr Cavor..excellent choice of actor.... I would love to see this film in the cinema.... Selenites up on the big screen.. ! brilliant.. :0)

    1. In "The trials of Oscar Wilde" Lionel Jefftries played the marquess of Queensberry and was my hero of the film, being the man who brought sanity into a brutal and illegal sport of which I have no love of anyway but nevertheless also distracted by his son's seedy activities.

    2. Anyway you have a projector all you need is a screen. You can get a retractable screen from Amazon for £32. If they do not have a DVD of the film then torrent it.