Thursday, 16 July 2015

This Beautiful Cosmos

The teapot disappears into the West

The teapot of Sagittarius slips by almost unnoticed, hidden by trees and hedges. A lone telegraph pole points to the star Nunki. From our garden vantage point, only the handle of the teapot is seen. Kaus Australis and companions  are hidden by the damn hedge!

Hercules leans over, seemingly intent on grasping Lyrae the Harp. Vega shines so brightly …

Jean Michelle Jarre plays through my headphones. The songs are full of cascading arrangements, beautifully composed to fit in with the stars above my head.
The "Oxygene" album is the perfect accompaniment to the twilight of a summer’s night.

A warm midnight breeze blows over my face and arms.  I lie back on my ground blanket and survey this Beautiful Cosmos.

Westward, Arcturus  greets the roof ridge of my neighbour’s house.

Like moths to a flame, a scattering of artificial satellites track and race towards the Northern twilight.

Izar is gleaming tonight. Another satellite grazes Cor Caroli

The Milky Way is spread like much glittering white sand. Each time I walk the Milky Way I am once again a child.

Perseus and Andromeda stand watch in the East.  

Not long to wait for the meteor shower.

At my grandmother's house some forty years ago, I eagerly awaited the Perseid meteors.

To this day I am still captivated the Perseid fireworks.

A Bit of Astrophotography

Earlier this evening I tried my hand at astrophotography. I set up the Schmidt Cassegrain and attached the D3000.

The telescope was trained onto M57 and also M13. 

I took several shots, each about a minute in duration. Considering I had roughly polar aligned and that I wasn’t too sure of my exposures and focus, I did have some moderate success.

The art of astrophotography is fascinating and challenging, but for me it will never take the place of lying in the garden and simply looking up at This Beautiful Cosmos...

Clear Skies 


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