Monday, 22 July 2013

The Sun walks the Preselis..

From our house the month of July is the perfect time to observe the Sun as it rises out of the Preseli Hills..

This past week or so, I have been fortunate enough to witness several of these wonderful events..

From my astro log: July 17th 2013
My vantage point was our North facing kitchen window...   a perfect spot to wait for the Sun, and also importantly I was very close to the kettle... ! Any excuse for a cup of tea... !

I waited patiently for that first glint...

It wasn't long before Sol was racing skywards.......


The Sun walks the Preselis.

From day to day it's surprising how fast the Sun moves along the horizon.

The varying contours of the distant Preseli Hills clearly mark the daily renewal of sunrise positions.

From observations I took on the 17th, 18th and 21st of this month you can clearly trace the speeding path of Sol...

I'm not sure how long it will be before the Sun disappears behind the neighbouring rooftops, but I'm hoping to capture a few more Preseli Hill Sunrises before that time.....

Clear Solar Skies


Friday, 19 July 2013

Today's hot solar image......

At the moment it's too hot to write up a blog post. 

I think my brain has finally melted with all this glorious heat we've been having.... :0)

Long may the heatwave continue.....

I'll just let today's solar images do all the talking for me...

Clear Sunny Skies


Monday, 15 July 2013

Flying across the Moon.

Tal2 had no chance of spying the Moon tonight..... once again hidden by my neighbour's trees...

Though from our back door I had a clear view of the Moon, albeit a brief one.

Due to the high trees and the low Moon I had maybe 20 minutes of possible observing time.

I decided to set up my tiny 40mm refractor.

Considering it only has an objective glass of 40mm aperture, it does show a fair bit of lunar detail.

From tonight's lunar log book I note.......along the terminator, and close by:

Flammarion, Herschel, Halley, Hind, Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, Arzachel, Purbach, Walter.

Flammarion wasn't that distinct , but Herschel was an inky black pit with it's west wall lit up like a thin waning crescent moon.

I then flew over to have a quick look at Hercules and Atlas.... Hercules exhibited a bright central region, but the 40mm aperture did not reveal much else, Atlas was outlined well.

On the southwestern border of Mare Serenitatis (Montes Haemus) I spotted Menelaus plus a little further clockwise along the Montes, the crater Sulpicius Gallus was visible.

At least I think it was Sulpicius Gallus.... the 40mm aperture was struggling a bit..... I'll have to verify that one another night with Tal2..

Then just before the Moon sank into my neighbour's trees I quickly flew westward for a last look along the terminator.....

Goodnight lovely Luna...see you tomorrow night ...  :0)

Clear Skies


Friday, 12 July 2013

Crescent Moon & Sleeping under the Stars..

After a few days of looking and waiting,  I've finally spotted the July crescent Moon.

Due to the location of this evening's Moon, I couldn't use Tal2 for observing.

I decided to give the 40mm refractor a chance at capturing some lunar light... 

The little scope performed admirably, and delivered some lovely views.

The weather in Pembrokeshire is still beautiful, so to take full advantage of it, Helen and I have been  sleeping outside under the stars.... !

These past three nights we've had the studio shed doors open, and we are both inside on the floor in sleeping bags.

Our heads are sticking out of the doorway, which affords us a spectacular view of the night sky..

Last night, at about 1p.m. we were disturbed by something lurking in the hedgerow, it turned out to be a hedgehog... a very noisy hedgehog...!!  

Maybe he will be back again tonight to disturb our peace...I do hope so...!  :0)

Clear Summer skies


Monday, 8 July 2013

Straw hats and Sol Sketching... July 8th 2013

The skies are blue in Pembrokeshire...... the Sun and I have definitely got our hats on today... !

One of the advantages of working from home is that I can always spare a bit of time to grab a solar image.  

This morning I managed the following Sol image...

Due to the air turbulence I had difficulty capturing a decent close up of AR1785.

I decided that as AR1785 was such a beauty I would try and attempt a sketch...

The initial sketch doesn't really show the turbulence I was witnessing, so Photoshop came to the rescue and  I was able to create an image more in keeping with the eyepiece view...

Clear Sol Skies

Mark....  :0)