Sunday, 5 May 2013

Maybe Dione, could be Tethys..... definitely Halley's globular.

The clouds rolled in early this evening, bang went my chance of sketching Saturn... or so I thought.!

At about 10.00pm UT the clouds moved away to reveal a beautiful night sky.

After training Tal2 onto Saturn I tried out the 25mm plossl, along with the Tal x4 Barlow.....Perfect..!

Titan and Rhea stood out really well. Just below Rhea, I could make out a third satellite, it was winking in and out of view... either Dione or Tethys...  I'm not sure which..

Next time I hope to capture that third satellite properly...

Also Tal2 got it's first look at a globular cluster, namely M13 in the constellation of Hercules.

The Astronomer Edmond Halley is credited with the discovery of this cluster in 1714.

Although.... being that M13 is within naked eye visual range, I guess countless stargazers of ancient times looked up and pondered on that distant speck of light.

Clear Skies 


  1. I tried the other night to see how many moons I could identify. I hallucinated 5 but only thought I could actually ID three. The seeing was not very good, but fun trying. Love the sketches.

    1. Thank You Mike,

      The seeing in Pembrokeshire hasn't been that good either these past few weeks....

      Fingers crossed for some clear seeing in NY and Pembs land...

      I'm looking forward soon to properly capturing Dione and Tethys.... ! :0))