Monday, 21 January 2013

Gibbous Moon, igloos, it's warm by the fire....

Around 8.00pm the clouds cleared to reveal a lovely gibbous Moon high up in the sky.

After training the Tal1 onto the lunar surface, I was able to capture these afocal shots with the digicam:

Through the eyepiece at X169 the central mountain peaks of Eratosthenes, distinctly look like three tiny domes....  maybe they're igloos built by the Selenites .... !!!  :0)

At x169 Clavius looked beautiful through the Tal1.....  I was inspired to try a quick sketch..

Jupiter Observation

I also managed to capture the gas giant in graphite....

It was cold out there in the observatory tonight, half an hour was enough for me....

After making the Jupiter sketch it was time to pack up, and get back to the warm fire in the living room.

Clear Skies 



  1. Love your Clavius... captures that Yin - Yang appearance I've always loved! 8^)

  2. Thanks Mike,

    Yin and Yang of Clavius ..... Mrs Pembs and I like that description... :0)