Monday, 14 May 2012

Venus Transit 2004 .. I found another picture.

Goodbye Venus ..See you in 2012
Yesterday I was looking through one of my old astronomy log books, and I found the above picture.

I've always thought I had just the one picture of the 2004 Venus Transit....It looks like I was wrong...  :0)

Time to attack it with Macintosh software........

After a bit of photo manipulation using iPhoto...
I managed to obtain the following image...

Hidden in a drawer, I have some video footage of the 2004 transit. In total I think I have the last 15 minutes of the transit.  

If I convert this footage from analogue to digital I will be able to exam more closely the individual frames..

It seems yesterday morning I had one photo of the 2004 transit....  this morning I now thankfully have two....  If the video footage can be transferred to the computer ...

I'll hopefully have a lot more images of the event to look through....

Fingers crossed that the video footage is salvageable....  :0)


  1. OMG another Pemb's wonder.......I see Venus Atmosphere while we wait for 2nd contact!


  2. Thank You SUG..... :0)

    Yes it does look a bit like the atmosphere of Venus... I wonder if it was....?

  3. I believe it is! The time to see it is just before/after 2nd contact. You bagged it Pembs!