Friday, 8 July 2011

The Mighty Atom ...

 Some weeks ago I was rummaging through a box, at one of our local car boot sales.....

I found an intriguing item.

It appeared to be a fountain pen, but on closer examination it opened out into a small refractor.

It works well considering the 1/2 inch aperture of the objective glass.

I christened it ...The Mighty Atom...

Last night the clouds were sauntering once again around  Pembrokeshire, and the Moon low on our neighbour's trees, could occasionally be glimpsed.

I grabbed the Mighty Atom, put it over the lens of the digicam and captured this shot......

It may be a toy to most, and only cost £1, but the Mighty Atom has pride of place in my astronomy collection.

Also I have found, that if you reverse the scope and look through the objective glass, it makes a really handy microscope...  :0)

If you ever happen upon a box full of dubious junk, and see a Mighty Atom, buy won't be disappointed..


  1. "The Mighty Atom" This has the potential to be fun - serious fun in the way of minimum aperture observations!

    Just what could be seen with TMA?

    My mind is racing. A few years back I did a observe with the IYA 50mm Galileo Scope from my patio and was truly amazed at what I could see.

    Pembs you must pursue this course and tell us about it as only you can!

  2. The posting date for that observe is 7/24/09 if you want to read about it. It was so much fun and totally spur of the moment!

    I still use that scope for quickie moon/ full moon observes where I mount a filter in the small objective cell. Nice views!

    Now TMA would be a awesome sunspot scope with mylar or Baader film in the front!

  3. Hello SUG,

    I thought your GTNF FUN post was great..

    SUG tells our roving reporter to "look at this buddy boy - I can barely see and split my all time favorite Dbl Star Eta Cas". Its ruddy components are just split - a patient observation is required. The SUG IS FLOORED!

    Excellent SUG... your enthusiasm is spilling off the's wonderful to see it.
    Really enjoying working through your posts...

    The Mighty Atom:
    I have a small table top tripod here somewhere, I'll attach the TMA to that and try out a bit of star hopping, as soon as the resident clouds move on...

    Clear Skies SUG :0)


  4. Telescope or microscope. What a cool find!

  5. Hi Paulie, I take that little scope everywhere...

    In my shirt pocket, and away I go....

    I was trying to take macro photos of flowers with it tonight...tomorrow I may use it to look at the Moon....

    Great fun :0)