Thursday, 20 December 2007

Burning ring of fire...on the Moon

Earlier this week I was observing the gibbous moon, I noticed what looked like a burning ring of fire to the north of Plato.

It turned out to be the crater Fontenelle.

The whole rim of this crater was sunlit, giving a wonderful light show down here in Simpson Cross.

The main body of the crater was on the terminator, further enhancing the effect of the bright ring.It was mesmerising, I had not seen this event before.

This was approximately 6.00 to 6.30p.m. 18/12/07.... the moon was gibbous.

I was outside again at 10.00p.m. the effect had lessened, the sun's rays had moved on slightly.

As long as I time it right, hopefully in 28 days time +- I will see it again....

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Sidewalk Universe said...

YES!!!!!! The Lunar North Pole Region strikes again! Overlooked by the splashier South you discovered a gem of a crater my friend!

The lighting effects up here are awesome and they change fast as you found out!

Go Pembs!

Unfriended of the stars of late.

"Some nights have been  wholly unfriended of the stars of late". Joseph H. Elgie author of " The stars night ...