Thursday, 30 September 2010

Total Eclipse of August 11th 1999

I cannot believe it's already more than a decade since this eclipse. Seem like yesterday.

Cloud cover was persistent throughout the event.

Kept running in and out of the house to see the eclipse images on the television. Taken from an RAF bomber as I remember.

Most people missed the totality due to this blanket of cloud over the British Isles. I caught fleeting glimpses of it.
These were the images I captured.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hello old friend.

This is the constellation, or I should say asterism that started it all.

Taking the dog for a walk my uncle and I couldn't help but notice the starry skies. I must have been about eight years old.

My uncle pointed out the Plough and I was hooked.

It was mid winter and Orion was the next to be netted. Followed by the bright twinkling star Sirius.

All the constellations hold precious memories for me, the Plough though is at the top of the list.