Monday, 4 June 2018

Spot the Great Red Spot in June.

Depiction of Jupiter by the artist  √Čtienne Trouvelot

If you have a telescope, and want to see the Great Red Spot (GRS) this month, please note the times shown below.

N.B. There are many GRS transits throughout the month, but I've kept the list to the "easier" transits....
That way, you'll still be able to catch up with some sleep time.

Central Meridian Transits (GRS Midway)

4 Jun 2018 22:35
7 Jun 2018 20:05
9 Jun 2018 21:43
11 Jun 2018 23:21
14 Jun 2018 20:51
16 Jun 2018 22:29
21 Jun 2018 21:37
23 Jun 2018 23:15
26 Jun 2018 20:45
28 Jun 2018 22:24

The times are all in Greenwich Mean Time (G.M.T), plus the time shown is the moment the Great Red Spot is midway across Jupiter's surface (Central Meridian).

Though the GRS is easier to see at midway, it can still be seen for at least 50 minutes each side of its central position.

Good Luck..

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