Saturday, 21 February 2015

Woodstock Jupiter Moon Mars & Venus

Nikon D3000 1/2sec f4.5 48mm 800ISO

Tonight's celestial dance revealed Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon.

I'm quickly getting the hang of our new digital SLR, all I need now is a decent mini tripod for those quick "grab em before the clouds do" astro shots!

Woodstock mast and Jupiter

Over in the east Jupiter was well above the tree line. 

The three red aircraft warning lights of Woodstock TV and Radio Mast  can be spotted in the distance through the gaps of the branches.

Clear Skies


Nearby.. a lone dog howls..

The Full Mackerel Moon will be upon us on Monday,  nearby I can hear a dog practicing its lunar howling! Up above, the slow moving clouds...