Sunday, 8 September 2013

Waiting for the lunar shadows.

Today's Sol image....

Apart from this morning's very quick solar observation, I haven't been able to do any decent daytime/night time observing for several days. 

Not many sunspots today..only region 1838 visible from my observatory, and even that wasn't showing much detail. 

Often I find the seeing conditions from my location can interfere with solar detail.

If the last two years of solar observing are anything to go buy,  my best chance of clear sunspot viewing will  be this November.

Waiting for the lunar shadows.

With any luck I'll be spending my observing time this month spying the lunar surface for crater shadows; specifically in and around Plato.

It will also be great to catch up with one of my favourites, Gassendi.

I haven't sketched the Moon since last January, so it's time to drag out the sketch book.

I'm itching to try some sketching, particularly those  aforementioned shadows of Plato.

Fingers crossed for this current lunation.

Clear lunar sketching skies


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