Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sketching the Moon...with the help of the Pic du Midi.

I've been meaning to start a lunar sketching log for the past several months.

But between the cloudy weather and the low Moon playing peek a boo through the trees, I haven't had many opportunities to try it out...

Yesterday I began by making a drawing of crater Gassendi from one of my favourite books... 
Atlas of the Moon by Vincent de Callatay. 

Printed in 1964 and containing some 160 pages.

I cannot recommend this book enough, it's full of beautiful rich toned black & white lunar photographs, taken at the Pic du Midi Observatory in France.

The book also contains a wealth of information about the motion of the Moon, lunar phases, mechanisms of eclipses, lunar relief, origins of lunar formation, libration, tide mechanisms......  
...... the list goes on. 

Every Luna-tic should have a copy....  :0)

All I need now is for the skies to clear, then once old Tal1 collects those
lunar rays I can get on with some sketching.

Clear Lunar Skies 


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