Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Antoniadi Seeing...

Tonight at 18:38GMT

Last night's "Moon & Jupiter" event was cancelled!!... due to heavy snow and sleet. 

Most of Pembrokeshire these past few days has been covered with a blanket of snow. 

Though sadly..or should I say gladly!!!...here in Simpson Cross, last night's snow storm has completely melted.... and we have not one flake of snow in our garden as I write this post....

Pembrokeshire's grey skies of late gave way to a wonderful clear evening tonight, so I decided to roll back the observatory roof and try some imaging of old Luna....... 

I wondered what the seeing would be ?

Tonight the view of the Moon, through my telescope here at Simpson Cross was around  II on the Antoniadi Scale.

The Antoniadi Scale.  

I. Perfect seeing, without a quiver.
II. Slight quivering of the image with moments of calm lasting several seconds.
III. Moderate seeing with larger air tremors that blur the image.
IV. Poor seeing, constant troublesome undulations of the image.
V. Very bad seeing, hardly stable enough to allow a rough sketch to be made. 

I like to add a sixth entry to my log book....

VI. Pembrokeshire Clouds, totally unable to see a thing, stay in bed.  :0)

 Tonight's Moon Photos taken with my Tal1 reflector, 25mm eyepiece and digicam.

North is DOWN...
South is UP...

Tomorrow night the Moon and the Pleiades are only 2 degrees away from each other...

If they reached out... they could probably shake hands.....  :0))

Fingers crossed for some fine Pembrokeshire weather....


  1. Lunar Marc! I was looking forward to Lunar this evening myself but a thick cover is now over head:( but I am glad you have good sky to enjoy Imbrium, and South Polar views! As I write this my viewing is a 7-8!

    I was just reading about Antoniadi last night. I bet he came up with this scale whilst trying to sketch Mercury with the large French Moudon Refractor?! I can't imagine sketching at the scope as my SUG mind moves so fast in different directions.......

    But did Antoniadi wax poetic at the scope as some observers we know?

  2. Pembrokeshire Astronomer1 February 2012 at 17:41:00 GMT

    Hi SUG,

    I think I was born in the wrong century...!! I would have loved to be surrounded by the astronomical instruments of the late 19th century (lots of brass :0)..)

    I can see Antoniadi now.... observing through the "Grand Lunette" Moudon refractor, whilst sketching Mercury.. No 21st century skyglow..and no 21st century "background noise".....

    Yes I reckon back then they had the perfect conditions for my kind of astronomical musings.. :0)

    :0)) The Pleiades and the Moon are waving at each other tonight ...I'm off right now to take a photo or two......... :0)