Thursday, 20 October 2011

Astronomy from the 1950's, and my analogue laptop...

Digging around in a charity shop the other day I found an interesting book titled:

The Modern Children's Library of Knowledge 
Book Two 
The World we live in.

This book was published in 1957, and towards the end of the book was a chapter about astronomy. 

It contained a wealth of astronomy information and most interesting to me a large collection of 1950's era illustrations.

I love these old astronomy pictures. 

Why don't we have more illustrations like these in modern journals and magazines.
Today's astronomy  magazines just don't interest me.

Too many adverts for a start, not enough "amateur" articles, and way too "glossy"......

I personally like black and white illustrations, be they photos or drawings. 

Saying that some of the most interesting illustrations can sometimes be in full colour:

In my perfect astronomy magazine I would like nothing more than to see the typesetting done on an ageing  typewriter, and all the illustrations courtesy of the 1950's and 60's..... 

There's a lot of Luddite in me I'm afraid..  :0)

Just to prove the point, here's an old  picture of my workshed with typewriter at the ready, or "analogue laptop" as I like to call it....  :0)

 I realise I'm a bit of a hypocrite as I have computer, but give me a  typewriter, planisphere and a star map any day. 

Also the clock drive on my Tal1 Newtonian is high tech enough for me.

Long live low tech .....

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