Thursday, 28 July 2011

Three years plus since I last looked at the Garnet.

I can't believe it's been over three years since I last looked at Erakis  "The Garnet Star"...

Here's my last log entry of this colourful beauty....

Please click on the picture for a bigger image..

Next chance I get at the eyepiece, I'm going to say sorry to Erakis for not visiting sooner....

Friday, 15 July 2011

Full Hay (fever) Moon.

Full Hay Moon.

Last night I was too tired to fully appreciate the Moon.

Usually I find a spot in the garden, sit down on a comfortable chair and simply bathe myself in the moonlight..

It's so peaceful just sitting there contemplating and watching the Moon as she gently wheels across the night sky..

But the day's hayfever had left it's mark, and I wasn't feeling all that good.

A pity... as the Moon last night was one of the best that I've seen for a long while..

I quickly grabbed this photo, using the Tal 1 and a 25mm plossl afocal with my digital compact camera.

I don't want to wish away these summer days but, I'm  looking forward to next month's " Red Moon".

And red it usually is...... big and beautiful rising out of the Pembrokeshire landscape.

 I've already booked my front row seat......fingers crossed for a clear night....

Happy Moon watching...

Friday, 8 July 2011

The Mighty Atom ...

 Some weeks ago I was rummaging through a box, at one of our local car boot sales.....

I found an intriguing item.

It appeared to be a fountain pen, but on closer examination it opened out into a small refractor.

It works well considering the 1/2 inch aperture of the objective glass.

I christened it ...The Mighty Atom...

Last night the clouds were sauntering once again around  Pembrokeshire, and the Moon low on our neighbour's trees, could occasionally be glimpsed.

I grabbed the Mighty Atom, put it over the lens of the digicam and captured this shot......

It may be a toy to most, and only cost £1, but the Mighty Atom has pride of place in my astronomy collection.

Also I have found, that if you reverse the scope and look through the objective glass, it makes a really handy microscope...  :0)

If you ever happen upon a box full of dubious junk, and see a Mighty Atom, buy won't be disappointed..

Monday, 4 July 2011

Trying to find Napoleon's Hat..

There's a great asterism in Bootes called Napolean's hat.

I well see why it was given such a name.

I decided to try and locate it....

After a couple of failed attempts, I finally thought why not drop Arcturus  to the bottom of my field of vie.

Maybe then Napolean's hat would be easier to see without the distraction of  beautiful bright Arcturus.

It worked....

Up towards the 11 o clock position in my field of view, Napolean's Hat jumped out at me.

I don't know why I haven't noticed this asterism before, but now every time I turn my telescope towards Arcturus there it is.

Another friend to put on the observing list ....  :0)

Friday, 1 July 2011

The Harp Star.

The Harp Star -Vega
I started out last night with the sole intention of imaging M13..... but after a few attempts I became distracted by the beautiful brilliance of Vega.

Vega resides in the constellation of Lyra the Harp, this blue-white star is sometimes called the Harp Star.

In Greek mythology, Lyra the harp is said to have been played by the legendary Greek musician Orpheus. 

And whenever Orpheus started to pluck those strings, nobody it was said could resist listening.
Obviously Orpheus was busy last night, for Vega the Harp Star grabbed my attention....

I attempted imaging using a Nikon D50, connected via prime focus with a X2 Barlow.

I tried a 20 second exposure, and was able to capture the above photo.

Thank You Orpheus.....